Friday, 1 June 2012

Booksneeze Book Reviews

Last year I chose books to read from the Booksneeze website. 

I did read this book Heart of Ice for a while, but didn't get round to making a review on it until now.  This book focus on the main character Elizabeth Avery and the three ladies who have unknowingly made friends with Elizabeth in this crime/mystery story.  I was reading this book and I noticed the description of Elizabeth being evil in her actions behind her mask of beauty and strength which is a contrast to the three ladies who have different personalities.  I felt somewhat imitated by Elizabeth's coldness character and stopped reading it.

A Conversation with God is a collection of questions and answers book to those questions we humans find baffling and curious of our existence on Earth.  The book have various topics: God; Bible; The Future; Pain and Suffering; Jesus; Kingdom of God; Heaven and Hell; Humanity; Christian Living; Today's World.  I have read a selection of questions and read these answers to the question given, and it is written in the format of who respond to the questions by this author, imagining himself as 'God' or 'Jesus' or 'Paul'.  Some of the answers are expected and some surprising that makes you to reflect on God's existence and His care for His children.  Worth recommending reading.

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